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Welcome to Shanghai Experimental Foreign Language School. Over the past ten years since its establishment, our school has enabled hundreds of students to fulfill their unique potential and pursue their goals of entering into globally renowned universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, IC, UCL, Cornell, Mcgill, Toronto, Melbourne and Hong Kong. These outcomes are the commitment and professionalism of our dedicated staff and the reward for our consistent pursuit of academic excellence, effective operation management, a broad and balanced curriculum and a friendly yet strict atmosphere.

Though we are often considered as ‘premature’ when compared with such famous universities as Oxford and Cambridge, we are actually an ‘old’ A-level college in mainland China and have long enjoyed a high reputation in the domestic field of international education. However, with the rapid advances in technology and the accelerated pace of globalization, the whole world has recognized the importance of knowledge and innovation as the core competitiveness of a nation. Being the principle of this fine school, I realize that I am facing the challenge and the great opportunity of helping our students stand out in such a competitive world and blazing a trail for an ‘old’ A level school like us to continue to thrive.

Sending students to top universities abroad is certainly one of our primary tasks, but will never become our sole and ultimate goal. We believe in the unique talent in every child and are willing to help them achieve their full potential. We know that every student needs to be developed, not just intellectually and academically, but as a whole person. We hope that they are acquiring the skills needed to be successful in the 21 century at our school, which include but not limited to information literacy, collaboration, communication, problem-solving and creativity. We offer our students every opportunity to grow into confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged young adults who outperform their counterparts in all aspects.

Students are our future and our greatest assets. We are fully prepared to dedicate ourselves to serving the needs of all of our students in improving their achievement and providing them with highest quality of education.



帮助学生升入理想的海外院校固然是中心创办的主要初衷之一, 但不应成为我们唯一及最终的目标。我们相信每个孩子都有其独特的天分,我们鼓励他们充分发挥自身的个性特长,做最好的自己。我们更希望他们能够通过在上实剑桥的学习与生活,进一步培养、提高自身的知识构建、解决问题、开拓创新、交流协作等多种21 世纪不可或缺的高级技能,并逐步成长为自信、有责任感、懂得反思、锐意进取、积极投身社会的优秀青年,从而帮助他们更好、更快地适应未来的学习、工作挑战,成为其中的佼佼者。

学生是我们的未来,更是国家最大的财富, 我和我们的团队愿竭尽所能为我们的学生提供一流的国际教育服务,为他们的青春插上一双飞翔的翅膀。


Our mission is to prepare our students for the modern world, both by enabling them to study overseas and by developing their thinking and understanding. We have teaching staff of a very high quality and are progressively extending and improving our capacity. We will not compromise and require teachers to be subject experts, collaborative workers, fully available for students and work hard. This year we have added History and Art & Design to our curriculum.

Each student is an individual and there are many choices available for overseas study. We are firmly based on the Cambridge A levels, those being the most widely recognised international high school qualification, and we use our expertise to get the right solution for each student. That means the right balance between ambition, subjects studied, fit to different systems and universities, time management and extra curricula activities. We offer optional courses for the English qualifications, IELTS and TOEFL, and for the American Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT. We advise students which systems they can do best at for university entrance - top US universities want leaders, top UK universities want subject experts. And guide the students carefully through their study planning, recognising which parts will apply for any world destination and which parts are particular to only US or the UK.

An enquiring, independent mind and a good level of self confidence are strengths, they need to demonstrate for university. English language ability is critical - the reason for low self confidence in Chinese students is often poor English. In addition to English, extra curricula activities including sports are a good way for students to develop their self confidence, leadership and team-work skills. As long as they do not compromise their studies, we encourage participation.

Making the transition to a Western Education style is important. A high degree of self-discipline is needed, and increasing their self-discipline is worthwhile for most of our students. For example, they should not choose subjects just because they enjoy them, and equally drop subjects just because they find them difficult. Above all, we aim to teach our students that time is short and precious. Focus and directed effort will maximise their achievements, even though they can’t force the future to fit their dreams!

——— Education Director: Tim Hawkins